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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $60!   Subscribe and Save 7% On All Subscription Orders!

  • explosively nutritious

    whole food powder

  • 70+ fruits &


  • "I started taking Blendfresh when I was 262 pounds. I have lost 44.4 pounds, 20% of my body fat, 15 inches off my waistline in less time that I would have ever believed. I'm back in the gym and working out as part of my transformation!"

    Gary - lost weight

  • "With Blendfresh I lost 23 pounds and improved by health by reducing my cholesterol by 47% and increased my HDL by 3% and reduced my triglycerides by 83%. I am a healthier and more active mom!"

    Tiffany - lowered triglycerides & cholesterol

  • "My goal is to deadlift 500 pounds so I need a fast recovery time to continue to build muscle. Since I've added 2 Blendfresh drinks a day into my routine I have experienced improved recovery time. It used to take me up to 4 days to recover, now I can recover in as little as 2 days and begin to lift again!" 

    Ben - improved recovery time

  • "My son is a fussy eater! He eats so little, we worry about getting the nutrients he needs. With Blendfresh I add additional micronutrients to his favorite meal - PB&J! We stir Orange Fusion into peanut butter and Red Fusion into jam. Now we add Blendfresh into his smoothies and he loves them! Blendfresh is an easy way to help my kids eat healthier"

    Stephanie - my child finally eats something healthy!

  • "I know Blendfresh is good for me but I don't like the taste. It tastes healthy!  So I mix it with strawberries, blueberries, grape juice, some spinach leaves, and ice cream! I love it, it tastes great and I can eat it everyday!" 

    Natalie - struggle with eating healthy

  • "Once I started using Blendfresh daily, I noticed a dramatic change in my clothes, skin, nails and energy. Combining Blendfresh with Zumba has changed my eating habits and changed my life - all for the better!"

    Marla - this has been the best change of my life!