Blendfresh Shopper Program

It’s an easy, fast and convenient way to keep more than 70 whole foods on hand.

And, it’s free to join!


Shopper Benefits You’ll Love!

No cost to join!

Cancel anytime!

Shop monthly for two or more products of your choice

Save $10.00 off every Blendfresh product, every time you shop! 

Optional shopping months – skip a month when you need to! 

Save up to $500 on a Blendtec blender!

Earn up to 12% in Shopper Dollars (real dollars, not points)!

Use Shopper Dollars to plant a tree, save an acre of rainforest and make your planet a better place through our Feed the Planet program.

Personalized online account to shop and learn 24/7

Blendfresh whole food powders are the easiest way to supercharge your favorite meals! Becoming a Shopper is the easiest way to get Blendfresh whole food powders!

The Blendfresh Shopper Program is designed for people who care about the food they eat. Eating healthy every day means shopping every month. So, we reward our loyal monthly Shoppers. From the very first product you purchase, you accumulate Shopper Dollars. Not points, real dollars! You can spend your Shopper Dollars on items that support a healthy lifestyle! Items specifically chosen for our Shoppers.

Each serving  of our Blendfresh Color FUSIONs gives you more than 2,000 unique plant nutrients. Add one scoop of each of the four Blendfresh Color FUSIONs and you get more than 8,000 unique plant nutrients. You would have to eat more than 55 different fresh fruits and vegetables to get the same nutrient benefits! Not impossible, but difficult to do!

Americans toss 52% of the nation’s nutritious fruits and vegetables in the trash! This waste costs the average family between $1,365 to $2,275 annually*. Naturally, our Shoppers love saving money because they drastically reduce the amount of fruits and vegetables they throw away. This means you get more fruits and vegetables into your body and less in the landfills!

Blendfresh – Real Nutrition. Real Easy.