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Are you looking for easy ways to eat healthier every day without having to change everything about your diet? Blendfresh™ can help you with nutrient-dense whole food powders! You just sprinkle, shake, stir or blend nutrient dense powders into every bite to supercharge your food!

There are three ways to shop and get involved in our community and the descriptions below will help you decide which is best for you and your lifestyle! Earn a healthy repeat income introducing Shoppers to Blendfresh™.

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Retail customers enjoy the flexibility of shopping for Blendfresh whole foods at retail prices. Our consumers care about the foods they eat and want an easy-to-use shopping experience to fulfill their desire to have nutritious, whole food products delivered directly to their doors. No gimmicks and no hassle! Just clean, GMO-free, pesticide-free and kosher certified powders processed with Fresh Dried™ patented technology. Blendfresh helps retail customers rediscover fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes and sprouts with:

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Blendfresh Shoppers shop monthly for nutrient-dense whole food powders. Our Shoppers are passionate about the health benefits of whole foods and want access to pesticide free, GMO-free, clean whole food products to supercharge their meals morning, noon and night. Blendfresh is a community dedicated to cultivating a healthy, happy, abundant life and growing together.

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The Blendfresh Earnings Plan (BEP) is based on a simple strategy of finding and retaining Shopping and developing Wellness Partners. Nothing complex, crazy or confusing. The partnership with our sister company, Blendtec, provides our Wellness Partners with the perfect nutrition solution for their Shoppers in the form of nutrient-dense, whole food products, along with the world's most amazing Blendtec blenders - both at Shopper pricing!

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